Manufactured from high quality 100% Polyethylen fabric, the DOME-AIR possesses different interesting characteristics. It is waterproof and resistant to UV rays. It is provided with four eyelets to secure the installation position. It also has a lateral section allowing piping and electric wiring and a an opening at the bottom to maximize air circulation and diminish condensation.

The DOME-AIR prevents leaves, rain, snow and dirt from penetrating in the ventilation openings during periods of inactivity. Last but not least, it prevents the appearance of premature rust. The DOME-AIR is perfect for many models of rectangular central air conditioning units and will not split in cold weather (-50°C) nor will it be affected by the suns UV rays. It is highly unrecommended to install a DOME-AIR product on any functioning equipment (ex.: a thermopump or a functioning air conditioning).