ALEX INDUSTRIES has three specific mandates: we distribute products from different manufacturers; we offer product solutions able to solve different problems you are having, we offer a consultant service to facilitate project evaluation or administrative tasks concerning any open invitation to tender you might have in order to maximise returns on your investments.

ALEX INDUSTRIES is the ideal partner if you are looking to increase your company’s sales and influence. Please allow us the pleasure of being your distributor and we shall commit to your success!

ALEX INDUSTRIES continually innovates to find solutions to our clients difficulties. Based on many years of experience, within the private domaine, we shall do everything in our power to find, and even invent, the solution to you problem and need.

ALEX INDUSTRIES has experience related to the industrial and manufacturing worlds. Our consulting services will allow us to properly identify the desired products and help you establish an ideal quotation in order to maximize your investissements. This way, the return on you purchases is maximised.


Alex Industries began its operations by innovating a product designed for protection, which now allows many industries to cover expensive equipment that necessitates a constant reliability. The great quality with which this product is made represents an intelligent investment that will diminish your costs (labor, maintenance and repair costs, production line interruption due to damages…). Its impermeability, versatility and durability offered by this product, even under extreme conditions, are only a few of the additional advantages offered by our DOME products.


18 ounces/square yard

Resistance to rupture and tearing

560 lbs/2” (of chain)


-40°C  to 70°C


12.7 ounces of PVC

Resistance to tearing

85 lbs in both directions

Resistance to breaching

480 lbs/2” (frame)


100% polyester

UV ray resistant

Liquide nitrogen resistant

Passes submersion test

*The DOME-AIR does not have all these characteristics

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